A third grade girl is reading a report to a therapy dog and handler.

Welcome to this course!


Research shows that the inclusion of therapy dog teams in classroom settings has a beneficial effect on student learning, self-esteem and concentration (Kirnan, 2016).


This website and its attachments and links will equip you with the background, skills and tools you need to effectively incorporate animal-assisted activities in your classroom. 

First, complete this computer based training, including the activities and self-proctored examination.


Then, use the tools and techniques you have learned to develop a meaningful instructional strategy that engages and encourages students!

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of the training, participants will:

  • Understand the proven benefits of animal assisted therapy in the classrooms

  • Learn how therapy dogs affect learning behaviors of a diverse range of students

  • Learn about classroom activities and assignments that can be enhanced with the inclusion of a therapy pet

  • Create their own outlines for a therapy pet classroom activity