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Research shows that the inclusion of therapy dog teams in classroom settings has a beneficial effect on student learning, self-esteem and concentration (Kirnan, 2016).


This website and its attachments and links will equip you with the background, skills and tools you need to effectively incorporate animal-assisted activities in your classroom. 

First, complete this computer based training, including the activities and self-proctored examination.


Then, use the tools and techniques you have learned to develop a meaningful instructional strategy that engages and encourages students!

Course Objectives

Module 1 delves into the growing trend of using therapy dogs to encourage and engage students. Watch the video to learn more about the benefits  of bringing therapy dogs to school. Review the glossary terms and check out the references for additional information.

Bringing a therapy team into a school or classroom is not so simple. Module 2 explains what teachers and administrators must know and consider for a program that is safe and appropriate for all.

Once you've committed to therapy team visits, now what? Module 3 provides information on developing meaningful lesson plans and student activities.

Student reading with dog

Are you ready? Take this self-proctored evaluation to see if you have learned what you need to know.

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